Historical Preservation Board


The Historical Preservation Board (HPB) has the express authority to control and operate the Del City Historical Preservation Center, to develop guidelines and standards for the selection, display, and maintenance of objects and artifacts for the City’s collection, and to acquire objects and artifacts for the City’s collection.


The HPB consists of nine members, consisting of two members appointed by each Council member, and one member appointed by the Mayor.  Members serve staggered four-year terms (except that the first four members of the HPB will serve three years).  Members need not be residents of Del City.


Member Ward Term Expires
Janice Poteet 1 02/06/16
Melvin Thompson 1 02/06/16
Dorothy Rimbold 2 02/06/15
Marian Piotrowski 2 02/06/15
Don Vick 3 02/21/16
Roger Epperly 3 02/21/16
John Hastings 4 02/06/15
Vacant Seat 4  
Norman “Bucky” Oliver Mayor’s Appointment 02/06/15