Department of Job Listing: 
Public Works
General Function: 

Opened - 11/03/2016

This is a skilled work position in the art of welding and also in the general filed of construction, maintenance and service activities.

Work of this class includes performing the duties required of a Heavy Equipment Operator and also performing all facets of welding work including design and fabrication.

Essential Duties: 
  • Designs and fabricates various items that require high quality welding. 
  • Performs all duties required of a Heavy Equipment Operator.
  • Designs and fabricates various items that require high quality welding.
Minimal Acceptable Qualifications: 
  • Able to provide proof of at least 250 hours of formal training or schooling, or the equivalent of on-the-job training in the art of welding.
  • Complete knowledge of welding classifications: oxygen-acetylene, gas metal arc and flux cored wire.
  • Knowledge of different types of metal used in welding.
  • Ability to design and fabricate from a preconceived idea and/or blueprint.
  • Ability to maintain welding equipment in proper working condition and be responsible for the safety of welding unit and vehicle.
  • Ability to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods  in extreme weather conditions.
  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to maintain satisfactory working relationships with the public, elected or appointed City officials and all City employees.
  • Ability to perform other duties by whatever methods may be required.
  • Possession of a valid Oklahoma State Commercial Driver License and a driving record acceptable to the City’s insurance carrier.
Additional Desirable Qualifications: 
  • One (1) year experience in the art of welding.
  • One (1) year experience in operating heavy equipment.
Supervision Given and Received: 

Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Street/Parks Supervisor.  Operator is subject to review and direction by the Street/Parks Supervisor, but generally performs assigned work with minimal supervision.

The Operator does not supervise others.