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Beautification Committee


The mission of the Del City Beautification Committee is to enhance the overall visual appearance of our community and the quality of life in our town.


The committee is involved in various beautification projects around the city, including maintaining the flowerbeds at many city locations.  The "Adopt a Flowerbed Program" is an effort to encourage public involvement in ongoing community beautification.  Volunteers are asked to care for a flower bed for the entire growing season.  In doing so, volunteers will be recognized with a sign in their adopted flowerbed.  If interested, please contact Staff Liason Cerrina Pulver to schedule an initial on-site meeting to discuss maintenance needs and frequency requirements.









The City-Wide Eagle Pride Beautification program is an annual event sponsored by the Del City Beautification Committee.  The program promotes awareness of the importance of upkeep of residential and business property.  Individuals and businesses that have maintained their property in an exceptional manner are awarded during a City Council meeting.  Judging standards are based on:

  • Lawn Care
  • Shrubs, Plants & Flower
  • General Landscaping
  • Design, Originality & Overall Eye-Catching Appearance

If you desire to nominate a property, nominations are accepted at the following locations during the nomination period:

  • City Hall, 3701 S.E. 15th Street
  • Del City Community Center, 4505 S.E. 15th Street







The committee consists of five members who serve three-year terms.  One member from each Ward is nominated by the Mayor and approved by Council, with one at-large appointee nominated by the Mayor with Council approval (the Mayor’s appointment).  If needed, an ex-officio member is to be appointed by the City Manager.  The Chairperson is elected by a majority of the committee members, and serves for one year from that date or to the end of his or her term.

City Staff Liason:  Cerrina Pulver:  (405) 670-7333 / [email protected]


Member Term Expires
Joannie Holland 10/01/22
Helen Watson 10/01/23  
Stacie Freitas 10/01/23
Kristi Tasker 06/21/24  
Cynthia Harwell 06/21/24
Floyd Brown, Mayor's Appointment 10/01/24