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Community Services

Until further notice, all applications for permits and inspections are to be submitted in a digital PDF format.  Email all requests to City Planner Kelly Wilborn at [email protected].


Welcome to the City of Del City Community Services Department. The Department is responsible for all aspects of development and redevelopment within the community, including floodplain management, stormwater quality, economic development and code enforcement. Furthermore, the Community Services Department manages the Housing Inspection Program, which is the only program of its kind in the State of Oklahoma. The Department also administers and manages the Environmental Court, which is a unique court designed to litigate issues relating to all aspects of development and redevelopment as well as code enforcement.

Community Services functions can be broken down into the following divisions:

Community Services is dedicated to sustainable development while preserving existing infrastructure Del City.

Our offices are located on the main floor in City Hall, 3701 SE 15th Street, Del City, Oklahoma 73115.

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Wilborn
City Planner
(O) 405-670-7312
(F) 405-670-7368