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City of Del City Launches Central Oklahoma Gaming League

City of Del City Launches Central Oklahoma Gaming League

The City of Del City has partnered with GGLeagues to offer the first city-sponsored recreational gaming league in the area.

Del City, OK: The City of Del City is launching a recreational eSports league for Oklahomans across the Central Oklahoma Metropolitan area this month. The new league will offer Fortnite, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, NBA2k21, Madden21, and FIFA21 league options. The cost is $30 per person per league.

“Del City is one of the first municipalities in the United States to offer a recreational eSports league,” says Mike McEwen, Parks and Recreation Director for Del City. “We recognize that our area residents want more recreational opportunities outside of traditional sports. I have found that recreational gamers enjoy the same amount of fun as the amateur and pro athletes I’ve worked alongside throughout my career.”

Del City is partnering with the virtual gaming platform GGLeagues to bring the Central Oklahoma Gaming League to residents of all ages. As gamers will be playing from home, this league provides a unique opportunity for residents to connect virtually.

"We are excited to be working with Del City to bring gaming leagues to the Central Oklahoma community,” says Kevin O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of GGLeagues. “GGLeagues provides the opportunity for gamers of all ages to connect and compete in a safe and virtual environment."

The Central Oklahoma Gaming League is available to residents throughout the Central Oklahoma area. Participants do not have to meet in person to play. Registration for the Winter League is currently open through January 29. Leagues are separated by age and/or competitive levels. Anyone interested in signing up to participate can register online at

About Del City: Del City incorporated in 1948 and since its inception, the city has served both military and civilian residents. In partnership with our community, the mission of the City of Del City is to protect and enhance the quality of life by providing a high level of service in an efficient and responsive manner for all their citizens.

About the GGLeagues: GGLeagues was founded in 2018 with the simple idea that all gamers should get an opportunity to compete at the games that they love. Whether someone is looking to go pro, play varsity in college or just have a good time competing, they have to start your journey somewhere. GGLeagues was built to be that start.