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Storm Debris Pickup Begins January 4

Debris Removal Begins January 4, 2021

Beginning on Monday, January 4th, the City’s contractor, Greenbelt Turf Management, will be conducting storm debris removal operations in the residential neighborhoods. The City and the contractor are required to follow federal and state laws and regulations when conducting debris removal operations. These regulations include:

  • Debris can be only be picked up from the public right-of-way. The contractor cannot enter private property to remove storm debris. All storm debris that is to be removed should already be out by the street.
  • Only eligible storm debris can be picked up. Any ineligible debris within a debris pile means the debris pile must be skipped. If you have placed non-storm debris, such as mattresses, household garbage, furniture, or appliances in or amongst your storm debris, you must remove it by Monday, January 4th. Pickup for ineligible debris can be arranged once storm cleanup has been completed. Special accommodation will be made for the limited amount of “bulk pickup” that was not collected due to interruption by the storm.
  • Only debris originating from residential locations can be collected. Federal regulations prevent the contractor from handling any debris originating on commercial property, including apartment complexes. Disposal of this debris is the responsibility of the property owner. • City debris monitors must supervise all debris removal. Any issues that arise during the removal operations can be handled by the on-site debris monitor or escalated to management as appropriate.

We need your assistance to make this process as safe and efficient as possible. Please help us by observing the following guidelines:

  • Please remove all vehicles parked in the street that could interfere with debris removal operations. Code Enforcement and the Police will be working with residents on junk or inoperable vehicles, but we also ask that no vehicles at all be parked in the street from Sunday, January 3rd until that street has been cleared of debris. While we realize that this may mean some degree of inconvenience as multiple vehicles need to be parked in the driveway, it is the only way for debris removal equipment to clear the debris.
  • Please ensure clearance from hazards. The contractor will not be able to remove debris that is piled on or directly next to hazards such as gas meters, mailboxes, fire hydrants, traffic signs and similar objects. While the contractor will do its best to remove all debris that can safely be removed, any debris that cannot be removed due to such a hazard will be left behind and will need to be addressed by the property owner.
  • Please do not approach the debris contractor. The contractor is operating dangerous equipment and is not prepared to interact with residents. You can bring any concerns to the on-site City debris monitor or contact Jennifer Williamson by phone at (405) 677-5741 or by email at [email protected].
  • Please do not set out additional debris once your street has been collected unless you have received authorization. We expect to collect nearly all the storm debris using a single pass, since there has been ample time for residents to get debris to the street. We are aware of a limited number of cases where there was insufficient curb space to stack all debris in the right-of-way and will conduct a targeted second pass focused on those properties. If you have enough debris that a second pickup will be required, please contact Jennifer Williamson so that your property can be added to the appropriate list.

For full details, please see: debris_pickup_-_letter_to_residents.pdf