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Planning Commission

Until further notice, all applications for Permits and Inspections are to be submitted in a digital PDF format.  Email all requests to City Planner Kelly  Wilborn at  [email protected].



The Planning Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and city departments on a broad array of issues related to systematic development and betterment of the city as a place of residence and for business.   


The commission consists of nine members, who are nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The commissioners hold office for staggered terms of three years.  All members of the commission must reside within Del City.

Member Ward Term Expires
Terry Parker 1 09/01/25
Joe Satterwhite, Vice Chair 1 09/01/24
Vacant 09/06/22 2  
Michelle Caruso, Chair 2 09/01/24
Greg Childers 3 09/01/24
Joshua Shultz 3 09/01/24
Sam Turk 4 09/01/24
Wendell Kluge, Secretary/Treasurer 4 09/01/25
Richard Hutchingson